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Academic Planning & Accountability

The mission of the FIU Office of Academic Planning and Accountability (APA) is to support efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of university operations and the quality of student learning. APA provides support to all administrative units and academic programs through integrated processes that include quality improvement, data collection, and guidance in assessment practices.

APA includes institutional effectiveness, academic planning, and program review. The unified focus of these efforts will be the foundation for a sustainable framework that promotes best practices in assessment, integrating this information for improved decision-making across the university. In addition, this new integrated approach works in tandem with the university's accreditation cycle. Consistent with the national trend in higher education, this office will also be responsible for the implementation of academic strategic plans.

In addition, the associate vice president of this office oversees all matters concerning Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accreditation, program accreditation, academic program approval and review, continuing education, dual enrollment, and educational affiliations.