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Centers & Institutes

Florida International University's centers and institutes are required to submit an annual report and budget. The report will describe how success has been measured, how the center's or institute's function could not be performed by an academic department or by another center/institute, and how the center/institute has made an impact.

The Office of Academic Planning and Accountability is available to provide support in completing the annual report. Please contact Dr. Susan Himburg.

Annual Center or Institute Report

The annual report will need to be submitted by August 15th each year to

Download the 2016 Annual Report Template

Centers and Institutes Evaluation Committee

The Provost appointed a committee chaired by the Vice President for Research with members from Academic Affairs, Faculty Senate, and Business and Finance. Each Center and Institute is scheduled for review at least once in a five year period. Committee members will review the most recent annual reports in determining strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations.

View the Schedule for Review of Centers/Institutes

Request for the Establishment of a New Center or Institute

Refer to the Official University Policy 370.001 for guidance.

Download the Request a New Center/Institute Form

Disbandment of a Center or Institute

Centers and institutes may be disbanded upon the recommendation of the appropriate Dean, Vice President of Research, and Provost. The Office of the Provost submits the completed form to the Florida Board of Governors.

Download the Center/Institute Disbandment Form